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PRS is intentional and deliberate about our team culture. Our patients, our team members, and our physician partners embody the highest priorities of our owners and management team. Management decisions undergo a continuous filter through the needs of our patient’s, team members, and physician partners.

Although there are many trendy and modern management methodologies, PRS’s philosophy dates back to 570-490 BC. It is known as Servant Leadership and simply stated – “the leader of a people is their servant” Robert K. Greenleaf expounded on this leadership style in his essay “The Servant as Leader.” Greenleaf believed that a good leader must first be a good servant. The objective is to enhance the growth of individuals in the organization and increase teamwork via personal involvement.

Practically, how does PRS translate servant leader principles to our stakeholders?

First, the PRS team looks at serving the patients by making decisions in the best interest of our patients and not making decisions out of convenience to the therapists and staff. This is manifested by scheduling at patient convenient times, placing the patients’ rehab goals as a priority, and respecting our patients as a local servant would their attendee.

Second, PRS acts as an invited guest in the home of our physician partners. We are aware of your hospitality and we are acutely in tune to the privilege of serving your patients. Team PRS makes up our beds and does not leave dirty towels on the floor. We blend in with the smallest of details from attire to lunch hours and bringing the green beans to the office potluck.

Third, in regard to fellow team members as well as to patients and physicians, we have a very simple mandate – “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” We acknowledge that the PRS body has to be complete and the hand is just as important as the head both being co-dependent for functional outcomes. PRS balks at corporate arrogance and has no tolerance for self-promotion at any level of the organization.

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